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Solar Water Heater for “Union of Parents of People with Disabilities of Signaghi”

Temuri Vancko has committed to supporting this home, which takes care of and offers training and education to children with disabilities.  The first project is providing them with a solar water heater.  As usual in Georgia – there is plenty of sunshine but limited gas.  The solar water heater gives them hot water for free, forever, and they can use their limited budget on other necessities.  The next projects will be to renovate this home that was purchased.

Solar Water Heater (Beteli)

Levani raised funds to purchase and install a solar water heater at the Beteli home.  This will allow them to reduce their monthly gas bill and spend their limited budget on daily essentials.

Walker and Wheelchair Delivery (Beteli)

Beteli’s next request was for some walkers and wheelchairs.  Levani raised money and worked closely with a Dutch company that sells walkers and wheelchairs that have been used in the Netherlands and are being replaced by more modern versions.  They have special pricing for charitable foundations like Help the Republic of Georgia.  These walkers and wheelchairs enable the residents to move around more easily, especially gaining the opportunity to spend more time outside in the fresh air.

Washing Machine (Beteli)

Levani Vancko has committed to support a home for more than 25 elderly residents of a home called Beteli.  Their first request was for a large washing machine to more easily cope with the laundry, particularly sheets and bedding.

Work Completed!  (Brotsliani)

We are proud to share that after completion of all the projects (washing machine, water supply, roof, gutters/downspouts, windows, facade, and the solar water heater), the Brotsliani home is now self-sufficient.  We will continue to raise money and execute projects at other homes in the Signagi region.

Solar Water Heater (Brotsliani)

After completing the other projects, the next biggest monthly expense for the Brotsliani home is the bill for natural gas.  We decided to purchase and install a solar water heater.  Georgia has plenty of sunshine but limited gas reserves.  This solar water heater significantly reduces the gas bill, required to heat the home and water, especially in the winter.

The New Roof! (Brotsliani)

We completed the project to replace the entire roof of the Brotsliani handicapped home so they can live more comfortably. They will now be able to also use the second floor to live, which means they can add up to 24 more residents to the existing 24. Below you can see some photos of what is was like before and after.

Window Replacement (Brotsliani)

Over the course of the summer, we were also able to replace the windows of handicapped home. The inside of the home will now be better insulated to keep the warm air in the building during the winter. Below you can see some photos of what it was like before and after.

Facade Renovation (Brotsliani)

In the summer of 2019, we were able to raise enough money for the handicapped home to renovate the facade of the handicapped home. Here are a few photos showing the progress from before we started through to the final renovated facade.

Help the Republic of Georgia!
Charity Project – House of Virtues (Brotsliani) Oct 2018

We held a concert for the residents and visited two other homes, delivering a washing machine, wheelchairs and walkers to those in need.

Indonesian Television Interview

During a visit to Indonesia as part of an international delegation, I had the opportunity to share information about our foundation Help the Republic of Georgia.

Help the Republic of Georgia!
Charity Project – House of Virtues (Brotsliani)
Feb 2018

This video shows the inauguration of the water supply we provided after drilling the well starting last October. I am really glad to be able to help these people in need. Thank you to everyone that has supported me so far with their generous donations. Our next project will be to replace this handicapped home’s leaking roof.

Help Republic of Georgia
Charity Project
House of Virtues
Oct 1, 2017

Water Flows!

Feb 2018

Overwhelmed by the warm welcome I received coming to inaugurate the water supply today. What a special milestone and event. To everyone supporting me, THANK YOU, we are making a big difference in these people’s lives. They now have a lifetime free supply of clean water!

Washing Machine Delivery

Feb 2018

So happy to deliver a new washing machine. Thanks to everyone who supported this purchase!

House of Virtues
2nd Visit

Feb 2018

During my second visit I was pleased to already start helping this home for physically and mentally handicapped residents with funds my classmates at the International School of Amaterdam and I raised. I bought and delivered a new washing machine and we started drilling the well for water. Shoveli explained to me how to find the exact spot where to drill using magnetism.

Charity Concert

Nov 2017

Nino Chkheidze and Datuna Mgeladze were so kind to come to Amsterdam a give a concert to support my charity. The proceeds will be used to make further steps in the project to supply water. Thanks Nino and Datuna!

House of Virtues

1st Visit
July 2017

This was my first visit to the House of Virtues just to hear what issues they were facing that I might be able to help them with. They have 3 major problems:
1. Broken washing machine.
2. No water supply
3. Leaking roof.
I promised to help them.

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